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How to Beat the Heat

         It’s the height of summer, when we relish those special moments on the weekends and in the afternoons, those moments when we can “take five” in the shade or by the pool sipping on refreshingly smooth summertime beverages. One of our faves that really helps us beat the heat is a Watermelon Mojito! It’s delish – guaranteed to give you a lift and cool you down!

Watermelon Mojito

Things you’ll need:   • 15 fresh mint leaves   •  2 Tbsp granulated sugar    •  1/2 cup fresh lime juice

1.   Blend 3 cups of 1-inch watermelon cubes in a blender until smooth.

2.   Squeeze ½ cup of lime juice.

3.   Combine 15 fresh mint leaves, 2 tbsp. sugar, ½ cup lime juice and pinch of salt in a small drink pitcher. Use a bartender’s muddler, wooden spoon handle or long, iced-tea spoon to lightlycrush the mint leaves to release the oils and stir the ingredients together. Leave the leaves largely intact.

4.   Add ¾ cup of light rum and the blended watermelon to the pitcher and stir.

5.   Fill four tall glasses with ice. Pour the watermelon mojito mix into the glasses and top each glass by dividing one cup of soda or sparkling water among the four glasses to give the drink a little added summer sparkle.

What’s your favorite summer cooler?



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