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      When cared for properly, cloth napkins will last for years, especially those made of 100% linen. Keep several sets in different colors and patterns, and you’ll always be prepared for any occasion.

Did you know?
•  Linen is extremely long lasting and often passed on through generations.
•  Linen is completely natural and is a biodegradable resource.
•  Can be machine washed and will launder beautifully.
•  Every time you wash linen it gets softer.
•  Due to its unique properties, linen undergoes a molecular change when wet and becomes stronger, resulting in greater longevity than cotton.
•  It is highly absorbent, lint free and static free.
•  Linen has antifungal and antibacterial properties, and is naturally insect repellent.
•  It gives protection against UV radiation.
•  Linen soils less quickly than cotton, therefore can be washed less often.

Do you have a favorite set of table linens that has been passed on to you?


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